5 FWB Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

This article appears on the Andrew Christian website. Click here to be taken to the full-length article. 

Casual sex culture has brought in a host of new moral and ethical dilemmas; to swipe left or swipe right, keep in contact or ghost, stay the night or skedaddle. Many of us get into a pattern, we develop a casual sex M.O. of sorts. But anytime we decide to be more than casual…then all those set behaviors become upset.

FWB puts us in the exact position that so many of us have dreaded at some point: the gray area. Maybe you managed to skip this phase miraculously. Or maybe you’re like me and always manage to find it, even when you’re legitimately content with the whole “me, myself, and I” routine.

For all those on Team Gray Area, this list attempts to make some of the most common FWB mistakes a little less common in your life.

Go to the full-length article.

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