About Nicholas

about me

I am a social scientist who examines the intersections of sexuality, relationships, and gender. Along with academia, I have a passion for writing in popular press outlets on my areas of expertise–taking complex scientific findings and making them digestible, relatable, and interesting to general audiences. Some of my work can be found on my Articles & Chapters page.

the (more) academic bio

I am a sociology doctoral student at the University of Washington and have a background in psychology. My recent academic work has been featured in handbooks and journals focusing on the social sciences (such as the Archives of Sexual Behavior, the Handbook of the Sociology of Gender, the Handbook on Global Sexualities, the Journal of Aging Life Care, among others).

I’m currently working on 2 first-of-their-kind studies: One examines same- and different-sex couple dynamics during COVID-19 and other recent crises—particularly when one partner is deemed an “essential worker.” The second study seeks to understand the experiences and conceptualizations of gender that non-binary people (i.e., those with gender identities outside of the masculine-feminine gender binary) hold across 3 major U.S. cities.

My research uses both quantitative and qualitative techniques and a combination of psychological and sociological methods.

I lecture at the University of Washington in Seattle. I was an invited speaker at the 25th Annual National Symposium on Family Issues.