Is sex with an ex ever ok?

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Being a romantic comes with its fair share of risks; over-idealizing someone you’ve never met, falling head over heels after a first date, watching rom-coms and crying yourself to sleep after a break-up. (Just me?) But along with all the idiosyncrasies of die-hard romanticism, sentimentalists tend to hold onto what a relationship means to them well after parting ways with their beloved.

We face the mix of rejection and wanton physical longing that encapsulates the “break-up”, and getting back with our ex, even if just for a night, can be tempting. But is this always a “bad idea”? Are we beating a dead horse? Eating day old cake out of the trash? Or—more admirably—are we simply getting closure, a quick fuck, or searching for familiarity in the midst of heartbreak?

I don’t think there’s a true golden rule when it comes to sex with a former lover, but there are important boxes to check-off before jumping back into bed with someone who’s potentially disastrous for your mental and emotional well-being. (And sneak preview: most of them have to do with motivations.)

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5 FWB Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

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Casual sex culture has brought in a host of new moral and ethical dilemmas; to swipe left or swipe right, keep in contact or ghost, stay the night or skedaddle. Many of us get into a pattern, we develop a casual sex M.O. of sorts. But anytime we decide to be more than casual…then all those set behaviors become upset.

FWB puts us in the exact position that so many of us have dreaded at some point: the gray area. Maybe you managed to skip this phase miraculously. Or maybe you’re like me and always manage to find it, even when you’re legitimately content with the whole “me, myself, and I” routine.

For all those on Team Gray Area, this list attempts to make some of the most common FWB mistakes a little less common in your life.

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The Rise Of The “Gay Virgin” And What It Tells Us About Gay Millennials

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Almost four decades removed from the gay rights movement, a subculture of gay Millennials is starting to look at virginity and sex a bit differently. They’re reaching young adulthood in a culture replete of casual sex, hook-up apps, and friends with benefits, but they’re not exactly engaging in it.

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