The Changing Nature of Intimacy

Although we know that intimacy changes with age, researchers are still struggling to understand why these changes occur and what they mean to the older adults in relationships experiencing them. That means men and women are often left in the dark when it comes to their sexual and emotional health later in life.

Perhaps even more troubling, our culture still has deep-seeded stigmas regarding older people having and (dare I say) enjoying sex. These stigmas deteriorate the quality of treatment that older men and women receive from their family, friends, and even the medical professionals who are charged with overseeing them.

In this chapter for the Journal of Aging Life Care, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and I explore the barriers to fulfilling intimacy that older men and women experience, including various medical conditions that inhibit sexual activity as well as the social prejudices found within the healthcare industry.

To go to our chapter, click here.

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